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Fleck 2510 Control Heads

Fleck 2510 Control Heads Fully adjustable 5-cycle controls deliver controlled upflow backwash down flow brining slow rinse rapid rinse brine refill and service. Noryl valve body. Continuous flow rates up to 19 gpm. Backwash capacity handles up to 16'' diameter softeners 16'' diameter filters. Meter- or timer- initiated regeneration. Environmental back plates. Yokes by-passes covers and backwash flow control assemblies sold separately.

2510 Spec Sheet
2510 Service Manual
SE Controller Spec Sheet and Information

Fleck Residential Valve Overview
Fleck Commercial Valve Overview

Fleck 2510 Electronic Valves

Fleck 2510 Manual Valves with Cover

Fleck 2510 Meter Valves

Fleck 2510 Timer Valves
Fleck 2510 Control Heads

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