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Specialty Cartridge Filters

Specialty Cartridge Filters Specialty cartridges utilize premium ion exchange resins and specialty absorbents to remove a wide variety of contaminants. Available in the 4 most common sizes to fit standard filter housings these specialty filters can improve the aesthetic qualities of water and remove harmful contaminants.

We apply technology and knowledge of ion exchange and specialty adsorbents in each cartridge. Our strict quality control over all aspects of cartridge production allows complete traceability of every filter.

Filters for the removal of :
Perchlorate Chlorine Precious Metal recovery Nitrate removal Hydrogen Sulfide Heavy Metals Chrome and many others

30 Percent Calcor - 70 Percent Carbon - Low pH Correction - Taste And Odor Control

AGC-PG - Plating Grade Carbon - Organic And Solvent Control

Arsenic Removal Filters

Calcor - Low pH Correction Filters

Chromium Selective Filters

Deionization - Ion Exchange - Demineralizers
Anion-Hydroxide Form Filters
Cation-Hydrogen Form Filters
Color Changing High Purity Clear Body Filter
High Capacity Deionizer
High Purity Deionizer Filters
Twin Bed Deionizer
Type 2 - High Purity Filter
Ultra High Purity - Low TOC Deionizer Filters

Fluoride Removal Filters

Hardness And Iron Removal Cartridge Filters

Heavy Metal - Taste And Odor - Organics Removal

Heavy Metals Control Filters

KDF55 and KDF85 Mixed Media Filters
KDF-55 - Chlorine Removal - Bacterial Static
KDF55 with Acid Washed Coconut GAC Filters
KDF-85 - Iron - H2S - Heavy Metals - Well Water Filters
KDF-85 Stabilized with Acid-Washed Coconut GAC - Well Water Filters

Mercury - Nobel Metals Filters
Mercury - Nobel Metals Filters - For ph 2-10
Mercury - Nobel Metals Filters - For ph 2-6

Mixed Activated Carbon Filters
Carbon - Catalytic Carbon - Chloramine Removal Filters
Carbon - Coal GAC - Taste And Odor Control Filters
Carbon - Coal GAC Acid Washed - Taste And Odor Control Filters
Carbon - Coconut GAC - Taste And Odor Control Filters
Carbon - Coconut GAC Acid Washed - Taste And Odor Control Filters

Nitrate Selective Filters

Perchlorate Selective Filters

Phosphate - Sequestering - Scale Inhibitor Filters

Phosphate And Acid-Washed Coconut Shell - Scale - Taste - Odor Control Filters

Precious Metal Reclamation - Anionic Metal Complexes - Uranium Removal Filters

Tannin And Organic Removal Filters
Specialty Cartridge Filters

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